Some of my work that I’ve been completing with the kids this week. Bonus of having less than 5 campers and a 9-4 art camp— you get to make art too!


And it’s only Wednesday! One student’s work so far this week. They are building such impressive portfolios!


Making art with the kids again today.


Kids did great today! Teaching a camp with 3 kids is magical.


Teaching an art camp this week, I have 3 campers. So I’m working on the projects with them! Feels sooooo good, haven’t made any art in a while.







When do you guys start up again?

First student day is August 13!

I report on the 13th and start on the 18th of August

Kids come…

Now I’m glad we ended so late. Teachers go back the 18th, only 6th graders 25th, first full day with kids on the 26th.

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Photo Set

Moved in to a new place yesterday! Printing out Pinterest recipes for future use (starting this week!) Also finally got a crockpot! Soooo excited to make yummy food in there (that can sit and cook by itself!) First is pulled pork, currently cooking.

What are your favorite crockpot recipes?

Photo Set

I made the Tim Howard image—going to print it out and keep it in the computer lab at school. Other two pictures are more student work from camp this week.


These kids are doing amazing in my digital palette camp! Some have never touched photoshop before, they are learning so much and are getting so excited about digital art. :)

These are images created through text.


Teaching camp for the summer— 3 weeks. Last week was Duct Tape art from 1-4, this week is a Digital camp (photoshop!), and next week is a general art/portfolio development camp. Pictures soon, maybe.

All of the money is going towards my Lasik surgery which has been officially scheduled for August 13! Teachers go back the following week, students the 25th. I can’t wear my contacts until then…. so glasses for me it is.

I move on Saturday, I will be less than 3 miles from my school (currently I’m about 20-25 miles away), I’m REALLY excited for that. Except… I haven’t packed a lot.

Also, I have yet to get my kitten neutered, which could be problematic as my other cat is a female and currently not spayed….. I literally dread walking in and finding them doing the cat nasty. I do not need more kittens! But it’s SO EXPENSIVE to get cats fixed, sheesh.

And as for my last post— weebly is AMAZING. I have already set up a site. Nothing too fancy yet, the school year hasn’t started! Thanks for all of the messages and comments!


Hello all! Next year I am hoping to use some kind of blog or website for my classroom. I don’t want to make it mandatory to use, but I want to have it as a reference for students and parents. I plan to post updates as to what we are doing in class, as well as post assignments, due dates, and references for students to use as well.

My question is, what do you all use for these? I am thinking about possibly another blog (tumblr again, wordpress maybe?), possibly edmodo, or blackboard, or weebly. I’m also open to other suggestions!

What do you use for your classroom website, and what do you like about it?


This one came to join me too.


Reading while this little guy sleeps next to me.


Favorite picture from vacation so far.







According to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, discriminating against women isn’t discrimination. 

That’s because erectile disfunction is a MEDICAL CONDITION, and not wanting kids is not.

Bless you

Oh man they’re all screaming oppression now. I honestly have no opinion on this case but the reactions from the left amuse me.

Uh, my birth control is for a medical condition.  I think I know maybe one girl who is on the pill solely for no babies.   Thankfully I have awesome insurance that makes my medication FREE.

If a man wants to have sex, it’s ok. If a woman does, it’s not.

(By the way, vasectomies are also covered. So it’s ok if a man doesn’t want to have kids, but not ok if a woman doesn’t want to have kids.)

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