6th grader was struggling to draw a fish so he got out his tablet, did a search, and is teaching himself!! #education #byod #selfefficacy

This is why I’m going to apply for a grant for iPads for my classroom for next year.

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Hello from Ft. Lauderdale, FL! ☀️🌊


It’s finally spring break! And I’m done with my second grad class of the semester, done with my online grad class for the week… And this time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny Florida! Can’t wait! These past two weeks have been insane.


My donor’s choose project was for chalkboard paint for my tables. A few kids helped me paint it on my tables last period yesterday. It will be so nice to use after break!

I’ll definitely post more posts of the chalkboard paint in action. This is what I’m planning to use it for so far:

  • 7th grade is going to look at the charcoal practice drawings (seen in the top right photo) and do a quick PQP on them. What are some positives about the images? What could be improved? What questions do you have about the images? (Right after spring break!)
  • 6th grade is going to sketch their idea for their next project on the tables (Right after spring break!)

  • Future PQPs for work of other students at their table/moving to different tables and writing comments about the artwork
  • Taking notes/writing directions
  • Practice sketching
  • Me demonstrating something
  • Vocabulary words/questions
  • Students helping me to create rubrics (they take much more ownership of the rubric and their projects if they help to design the rubrics)
  • "Exit tickets"
  • Questions
  • Students can draw on the tables if they finish their work for the day

Can’t wait to use these tables! I have a ton of chalk (and chalk pastels!) too from the art teacher before me. I’ll probably still cover the tables with paper when we paint and use clay.


Fashionable Teacher Week: April 14-18


Attention one and all! Next week is officially our spring #fashionableteacher week! Post your outfits each day and be sure to check out what others are posting in the tag to get some inspiration.

In addition…I’m going to give #Education a challenge for each day of the week. I like having some…

I’d be wearing a bathing suit every day. Finally spring break next week!!!!!!!

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Grad class this past sat and sun 8-5, class again this weekend 8-5. I was at school until 8pm last night finishing grades for the third quarter. We have an IB eval right after spring break and we hang our county art show right after break.

This gif is my life this week.

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Experimentation/practice with charcoal! My 7th graders are about to do a charcoal project so we are practicing with the material now to show value and use different types. Some were so great I had to put them up!!!

I have never taught charcoal before, I am SUPER impressed with these kids!!!

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Mini tutorial on painting skin tones. I hope it makes sense. I am writing down all your suggestions for tutorials and hopefully plan to create a detailed tutorial (or series of tutorials) about digital painting in photoshop.

Awesome reference for digital or traditional painting.

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Organizational tip—

Clipboard to keep track of grades to easily tell which students are missing assignments.

Then a chart to keep track of student behaviors. Are they on task or off task? Are the being helpful, calling out, etc etc. The original roster/grade record is first, then the second sheet to keep track of behaviors. I am hoping this can be used to share with students to show them “You called out 5 times today, do you think next time you can only do it 3 times?” And then maybe if students have a lot of positive behaviors “Wow you helped clean up every class for the past 5 periods”, I can give them a reward or call home. It also is good tracking for me if there is a parent conference, etc.

The post-it notes are to easily find all of my 12 classes on one clip board. I may eventually try a 3 clip board system (one for each day— I see my students on a 3 day rotation), but I’m not exactly sure where I’d keep 3 clip boards….

Goal for next year— KEEP MY DESK MORE ORGANIZED! #education— tips for keeping your desk/papers organized? Especially if you have an insane amount of classes/preps like I do? (12 classes, 4 preps)

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Grading for the end of the 3rd quarter…quarter 4 starts tomorrow! Can’t believe the year’s almost done! And after next week is spring break, it will be very well deserved.


Realities of teaching in a high needs school.


Being a teacher in even the best of circumstances is incredibly difficult. Being a teacher in some of the worst of circumstances our public education system has to offer is so relentlessly draining and frustrating that it really makes me think about how a systemic restructuring of…

This is so true right now. I’m not in the city, but my school is so bad it might as well be. We had a terrible fight yesterday. A 7th grade boy beat another child unconscious and continued to step on his head and kick him while he was unconscious. The child was taken to the hospital. I wish that was the first time a kid has been taken to the hospital because of a fight.

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Only 50 days left of this school year.










School days or real days? I have 54 school days left, but 85 real days. (It’s still soooo long away!)

33 school days left here! AND I still have 6 sick days left!

27 days for me, y’all! Where did the time go?

33 here, as…

61 school days for me.

47 school days, 68 calendar days.

…I just counted. Can 39 days with kids be right? That count doesn’t include the 2 days I have to take off for my sister’s wedding.

Holy moly.

I wish I could tell you. My county put in for a waiver because of the large amount of bad weather days, including some that were a state of emergency.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon. I still have 7 sick days left and mine don’t roll until i’m tenured so I need to use them all.

54 teaching days I believe. Our initial waiver was denied (lame), but they’re trying again for a 1 day waiver. We may go in on Easter Monday, but we may get out June 20th instead of 23rd.

I also have a few sick days left. :) This seems much more reasonable thinking of it as a little over 50 days though!

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Unpopular/Unusual Opinion: I loved my mentor teacher. He’s an amazing instructor. We’re Facebook friends and everything.

He’s presenting on that awesomeness at the NAEA this weekend and writing a book.

When I see posts like this I feel terrible. My next thought is always, what was wrong with their college/university? I could say a few things about mine, but they always, always placed us with good people.

My college did not place us, the county did. That’s how Maryland works, each individual county places the student teachers from various schools. One of my mentors was amazing, the other was not. My college has now requested to not give her to student teachers again! I’m just thankful for my first mentor, and various other “mentors” in the unofficial sense that I have had since then.

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