Already planning for next year.

One thing I want to do in year two is have extra assignments for when students finish anything early. I’m thinking that in addition to the 1-2 art projects students all do, I’ll give them several related options to choose from, and one of these “extra” assignments will also be required for the quarter.

This will mean whenever a student finishes any part of an assignment early, they have a “go to” assignment they need to do. And it will be graded, so it’s not a punishment, just something they need to do. Maybe they’re not feeling the current project that day— students can go to the alternate small assignment instead.

I’m hoping/thinking this will drastically cut back on “down time”, which is the enemy. And because the students will have several choices to pick from, they should be fairly interested in the options.

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    Love both of those ideas!
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    I really should spend part of my summer prepping for stuff like this too!! I tried implementing some of this towards the...
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